The part that kills me

Is that i remember that first night

When I laid in bed with you

I slept soundly, but I felt your presence

It was everything I craved

It made me so happy

I remember that tension

that spark between us that we both felt

I remember how badly I ached for you to kiss me

But I didn’t know

We didn’t know how strongly we felt for each other

Until I felt you hold my hand

Startled, I woke from my slumber

Just to bask in that moment

The first moment in years to remind what happiness felt like

My heart was beating so fast

The feeling we experienced that night

It made me believe that we would feel that for a long time together

It made me hope that we could feel that forever

I thought “How could two people

who barely know each other

click so quickly

How could we not be meant for each other?”

It took no time for our relationship to start

It took no time for our relationship to end

Our little piece of forever was far too short

but long enough that we both gave everything

yet took too much without hesitation



Sometimes people are overdramatic.

Sometimes people are clingy like static.

Like refridgerators, some people are cold.

Like sharpies, some people are bold.

Sometimes people are jealous and green.

Sometimes people are just plain ole mean.

“Normal” people get really annoying,

they can be stuck up, rude, or totally boring.

Some people are wise, yet creepy like owls.

Some people are warm and cozy like towels.

Some people are angry and act really cold.

Some people are young, some people are old.

Some people are funny and act really silly.

Some people large just like Free Willy.

Some people are skinny like a light pole.

Some people are grumpy like an old troll.

Some people are tall like a basketball hoop.

Some people talk in a continuous loop.

Some people are funsized, some people are small.

Some people are quiet and don’t speak at all.

Some people are dark and black like the night.

Some people are just extremely albino white.

Some people are Hispanic, some people are Asian,

French, Irish, Polish, Caucasian,

Australian, Austrian, German, British,

Native American, Indian, Russian, Scottish,

Hatian, Egyptian, Canadian too.

I may have missed some, let me know if I do.

So many people, so little time.

It’s pretty hard to make this whole thing rhyme.

Some people are straight, some people are gay,

but all can find someone to love anyway.