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Well I'm me and to write "all about me" in this tiny little box is pretty close to impossible. I'm bold, love bright colors, and I can be a seriously good friend. I love to write, it's basically my passion! :D Oh, and I know it may not seem like much, but I want to teach young children. I ADORE little kids. I never really made a blog before, and I even have trouble keeping up with my own journal, but I hope this works out well. (:

High On FWB

I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t found the time because I’ve been so goddamn wrapped up in staring at your smile. I haven’t posted a poem in weeks. I’ve been too busy kissing your shoulders, your back, your … Continue reading

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Opposed To The Opposition

We’re polar opposites, My heart is positive, yours is negative. The attraction is magnifying, I’m pulled towards you in some fashion. I want an explanation, but it’s inexplicable. I want it to stop, but it’s unstoppable.

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Love. It’s like heroine. It doesn’t matter how much you know that it’s bad for you, You’re addicted. All you want is more, until it’s the death of you.

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I remember the first time I felt fat and ugly. I was four, standing in front of that mirrored wall, surrounded by dancers that were smaller and prettier than I was. I remember the first time an adult made me … Continue reading

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A short poem about my favorite body part:

Round and fat, and full of sass or small and flat, it’s still an ass. Jiggle it around as you strut. Wiggle up and down,  girl flaunt that butt!

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The part that kills me Is that i remember that first night When I laid in bed with you I slept soundly, but I felt your presence It was everything I craved It made me so happy I remember that … Continue reading

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Sometimes people are overdramatic. Sometimes people are clingy like static. Like refridgerators, some people are cold. Like sharpies, some people are bold. Sometimes people are jealous and green. Sometimes people are just plain ole mean. “Normal” people get really annoying, … Continue reading

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