A Heart Made Of Glass

That there is glass that you hold in your hand,

made with only the finest of sand.

Take care of it, it’s one of a kind.

If you break it, you’ll hurt me and I may lose my mind.

Be careful, otherwise it could shatter,

but maybe by then, to you it won’t matter.

It will most likely only matter to me.

The shards will make cuts and blood will run free.

Now you listen up, or someone could get hurt.

Don’t you dare treat this treasure of mine like dirt.

Wait , what the – you didn’t listen at all!

You’ve gone and dropped it! You let it fall!

Go on and look! Look at what you’ve done!

It’s broken to pieces! How dare you just up and run!

This was mine,  you destroyed it… this isn’t fair…

And just like as I feared… you don’t even care.


About A Poetic Paradox

Well I'm me and to write "all about me" in this tiny little box is pretty close to impossible. I'm bold, love bright colors, and I can be a seriously good friend. I love to write, it's basically my passion! :D Oh, and I know it may not seem like much, but I want to teach young children. I ADORE little kids. I never really made a blog before, and I even have trouble keeping up with my own journal, but I hope this works out well. (:
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