The Love Affair of Fire and Air

She was like Fire;

Red hot and wild,

Mesmerizing to see.

He was like Air;

Cool and mild,

Changing uncontrollably.

At first he didn’t know

If he could love her,

She was so untamed.

He was still in love

With another

Girl who is unnamed.

She knew it was love,

And she tried so hard

To get him to see it, too…

But he was so afraid

To let down his guard,

No matter what she would do.

She made him heat up,

And his temper would raise

At some of the things she would do for fun.

She made him so happy,

Made him smile for days;

Soon he thought she might be the one.

He made a mistake,

Her flame flickered and waved.

She believed that their love was through.

He tried to make sure

That her spark could be saved…

He needed her to say “I love you.”

He knew he was wrong,

He knew she was right,

And he knew what had to be done.

No matter how hard,

For her he would fight.

Now he knew that she was the one.

She loved him to death,

And to death it will be,

So she took him back in a wink.

Their love was strong –

He knew finally –

Deeper than one would think.

To be together forever,

That was the plan.

First a wedding, then honey moon trip.

No one else had hope,

No one was a fan

Of their continued relationship.

“He’s no good for you,” they warned.

“It’s meant to be,” she fought,

But nobody seemed to care.

She knows they’ll make it though,

Because what everybody forgot…

Was that Fire cannot burn without Air.


About A Poetic Paradox

Well I'm me and to write "all about me" in this tiny little box is pretty close to impossible. I'm bold, love bright colors, and I can be a seriously good friend. I love to write, it's basically my passion! :D Oh, and I know it may not seem like much, but I want to teach young children. I ADORE little kids. I never really made a blog before, and I even have trouble keeping up with my own journal, but I hope this works out well. (:
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