(Do)n’t Do Drugs

This is ecstasy, and I don’t mean the drug,

I mean the feeling.

Actually this is shrooms,

and now the trip is reeling.

As I sit in the woods the

hallucinations start to appear.

I see a beautiful white figure,

and now it’s standing near.

It reminds me of a horse,

except on it’s head there’s a horn.

I can’t remember the technical name…

AH! That’s right, haha: unicorn.

I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl…

Would checking be rude?

Hm… I wonder. OH!

Haha yeah it’s definitely a dude.

I climb upon his back,

and he starts to speak to me.

He tells me “hang on tight,”

and starts to climb a tree.

This gets me really confused,

but I don’t understand why.

Now we’re at the top,

and the animal begins to fly.

It lands in front of a pond,

and the frogs are singing “Baby Got Back.”

I laugh because it makes no sense;

Dude, I feel like I’m on crack.


About A Poetic Paradox

Well I'm me and to write "all about me" in this tiny little box is pretty close to impossible. I'm bold, love bright colors, and I can be a seriously good friend. I love to write, it's basically my passion! :D Oh, and I know it may not seem like much, but I want to teach young children. I ADORE little kids. I never really made a blog before, and I even have trouble keeping up with my own journal, but I hope this works out well. (:
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