When we’re little we think everything goes by so slow.

We just want to be older, we just want to grow.

Then it happens, and there’s no turning back.

It feels like you got hit in the face with a *SMACK.*

You realize that growing up isn’t as fun as it seems.

It’s not what you hoped for; not like your dreams.

Responsibilty and work, romance and pain.

No more jumping in puddles and dancing in rain.

Your friends grow up too, and some grow apart,

But you’ll never forget them, they’re there in your heart.

You don’t want to let go, but it’s hard to hold on.

The one’s who are meant to be in your life are never truely gone.

You see each other occasionally, but it’s not the same.

The stuff you try to say comes out pretty lame.

Growing up comes with love and loss.

It’s hard to control, and it is pure chaos.

I loved you and lost you and want you again.

I’ll try to start over, if you’ll be my friend.

Growing up comes with love and loss,

but now I have control. I am the boss.


About A Poetic Paradox

Well I'm me and to write "all about me" in this tiny little box is pretty close to impossible. I'm bold, love bright colors, and I can be a seriously good friend. I love to write, it's basically my passion! :D Oh, and I know it may not seem like much, but I want to teach young children. I ADORE little kids. I never really made a blog before, and I even have trouble keeping up with my own journal, but I hope this works out well. (:
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